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What makes these forms Sooo Good?

The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act favors tenants. To compensate for that legal advantage, these forms were drafted specifically to "favor" the LANDLORD to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

All forms were drafted by Carlton C. Casler, a practicing Arizona landlord/tenant attorney with 29+ years experience. 

Some forms are FREE. Some forms are NOT FREE. Forms available for purchase are clearly marked. Purchased forms come with: (1) instructions on how to properly complete the form, (2) a completed "Sample" form, so you can see what type of information should be entered in each text field, (3) instructions on how and when to serve the form on your tenant, and (4) a blank "Enabled" PDF form that allows you to enter data on-screen, save to a new file name, create templates, and use (and reuse) repeatedly.

The BEST Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Attorney.

Attorney Carlton Casler is an amazing real estate and landlord/tenant attorney! My experiences include ... (go here for the rest of this review and many more reviews...)

Anna Y.
Arizona Landlord

About Carlton C. Casler, Attorney at Law

Carlton C. Casler

Landlord Attorney

I am a practicing Arizona landlord/tenant attorney. I have represented Arizona landlords for 29+ years. 

I am the author of the Arizona Landlord's Deskbook, which is currently in its Sixth Edition. 

I am certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a Continuing Legal Education Instructor.

I am certified by the Arizona Department of Real Estate as a Continuing Education Real Estate Instructor.

I have used my knowledge of Arizona law to draft these forms to help landlords: (1) avoid problems with tenants and (2) prevail in court if a tenant problem arises.


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